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Together We Can Make It Happen

Welcome to Together Mediation and thank you for taking the first steps in working together to create a brighter future for you and your family

We work with Clients Nationally and provide first class mediation with the aim of arranging a mutual agreement, avoiding the stress and strains of going to court. If you would like to know more about our mediation services and whether it is the right choice for you, contact us today

Working With UK Families 


Mediation helps couples to work out agreed arrangements, both in the short and longer term. The delays and costs of court proceedings can be avoided. Agreements benefit any children involved and greatly reduce the stress on the family as a whole

Mediators help both parties to gain a clear understanding of their financial position, by gathering and sharing all the details and necessary documents; then help them to consider all the available options and to work out the possible terms of a financial settlement

Our mediators are legally trained and have nationally recognised training as family mediators. They have years of legal and mediation experience. The team are waiting to take your contact if you would like to know more about the options open to you. More...

Family Mediation by Video Conference

Our team are participating in the Government Voucher Scheme, where the Ministry of Justice will provide a contribution of up to £500 per family, to resolve issues relating to children following parental separation. In most cases this is enough time to resolve the issues between you. Please note that in order to apply for the vouchers you must first attend and pay for a MIAM meeting. 

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